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05 April 2007 @ 08:54 am
"We don't eyes to see, we need vision..."  
By posting this it might help get it into my head to actually do it and follow through.

The lenses in my glasses must now be about four years old. Needless to say, I really, really need new ones. But I can't go to the optometrist until I have put in a good effort with my very expensive contact lenses. I just can't see and it's now starting to annoy me as you could imagine.

So tomorrow morning once I wake up I will put them in for day 1 and the first hour. I have to start with an hour and add another hour each day until I get used to them. I so wish I could wear disposables, they are so much thinner and you can't feel them. Not so with the hard ones. But if I want to avoid invasive eye surgery I should wear them.

So expect boring contact lense posts as I mark my progress. I Just hope I can do it. I want to be able to buy sunglasses!

Stay tuned.
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bunnitosbunnitos on April 5th, 2007 06:12 am (UTC)
Go go ContactLensMan! You can do it! =)