Well I have spent a few hours doing a survey for for Sure I will get an amazing number of points to use on gift cards but it feels like I am doing a test for Consumer Recreation Services! I wonder if this is part of my Game?
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It has almost been a year since my son was born. The time really does go very quickly. He's starting to stand up and I just love watching him develop and grow. He is really starting to explore the world a lot more and in ways that aren't just putting things straight into his mouth - which still happens a lot. Such a calm and happy boy who quite often doesn't like you leaving his sight. I am looking forward to him talking and walking. He's getting good at assisted standing but he still looks like he has come out of rehab.

His brother Daniel, is starting to make a lot of progress mentally. He's defiantly out of his terrible 2's phase and is a lot more co-operative. He still has his moments and sometimes I can't hear myself thinking because of his incessant talking, but he's a good kid. Thing with kids when they start talking is that you must remember how old they still are. He's only 3 and we must understand that. There's a great deal of stuff in this world that he doesn't get so he only has his own small point of view whenever he does anything. I always wonder how much he understands as you also don't want to underestimate. All kids want is to understand things so when you answer their questions it's best to do it with a happy tone. The more they understand the more independent they can be. You have to remember that they just don't know certain things so instead of yelling at them you have to show them and explain it to them. I think it's also important not to rush kids, you can't teach them some things without them knowing the basics first. They are MORE than happy with simple games rather than getting upset with them for not doing what you want with something more complex. Don't forget the short attention span, some kids don't last long on something before they want to move onto something else. So don't get too upset when they start doing things differently. They are learning after all. I suppose it's up to parents to help kids learn how to learn rather than only just saying no to everything. That's really quite difficult to do when you are tired.

Tips for happy parenting

I'm back!

First I would start with some tips for any of you wannabe parents out there. These are a bit more obscure to what you might expect but nevertheless quite usefull.

So here we go...

This tip is a bit generalised as it applies to everything in life. You just happen to really notice it when you have two kids running around. Well one runs around the other one just looks at you wanting food and cuddles.

*Enter Chuck Norris*

Getting yourself to a reasonable level of fitness makes looking after kids that much easier. I am not as fit as I want to be but I am working on it. Aerobic fitness is always important. It helps to keep you alert for longer and lets you run around in the playground with them longer instead of just sitting about and watching. Unless that is your thing of course.

Next but equally import is core strength, particularly your abdominal muscles. Not only do they help you move shopping trollies around but they also help you to get up quickly and repetitively without getting exhausted. eg. Want to get up from a couch without waking your freshly sleeping baby? Use your abs to get up. It's like one big situp out of the couch while holding your baby with both arms. Minimising the turbulance. Same applies for gently and slowly putting them into bed without shagging your back and waking them up. Strong abdominal muscles gives you control for many activities such as going down slippery slides in rapid succession. So you can get up off the ground and go again.

Leg muscles, squats for strength for getting up and down from the ground a lot and picking up children. As well as jumping around like a kangaroo ;)

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You just have to remember what it was like for you at the start of your final relationship. That’s what I finally have now and so I am making the most of it. She really has been my best friend since I met her. Hopefully one day she will be more than that. So is getting close to someone else's child. . It's a work in progress. But it's worth it.

"Eyes, I just do eyes"

I have worn them 2 days out of 4 so far. It needs to be everyday but I need to buy some more rewetting drops. I might put them in before rehearsal tonight and wear them again this morning. I am up to 2 hours of wear tonight. Hopefully I can last that long.

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Today I rediscovered that I had Hooverphonic's The Magnificent Tree on my ipod so I started listening to it on the walk up to work. I can't remember why I got this album. I think I might have discovered it through as a recommendation or from one of the music journals I subscribe to on LJ. I don't think I have listed to it for a while. I only listened to a few tracks this morning and I just put it on again and the last track came on - Renaissance Affair.

I want to listen to it for a third time. But what I really want to do is go home and play it really freakin loudly. The best bit is in the last 10 seconds or so.
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"We don't eyes to see, we need vision..."

By posting this it might help get it into my head to actually do it and follow through.

The lenses in my glasses must now be about four years old. Needless to say, I really, really need new ones. But I can't go to the optometrist until I have put in a good effort with my very expensive contact lenses. I just can't see and it's now starting to annoy me as you could imagine.

So tomorrow morning once I wake up I will put them in for day 1 and the first hour. I have to start with an hour and add another hour each day until I get used to them. I so wish I could wear disposables, they are so much thinner and you can't feel them. Not so with the hard ones. But if I want to avoid invasive eye surgery I should wear them.

So expect boring contact lense posts as I mark my progress. I Just hope I can do it. I want to be able to buy sunglasses!

Stay tuned.
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