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05 April 2007 @ 08:11 am
Hello again world! Yes I am back, it could be brief it could be long, who knows! Again I have been poked into the world, this time by bunnitos. According to the email that LJ generates it has been 35 weeks since my last post. I’ve been lurking just not posting, so I mostly know what you are all up to muhahahahahahha!

First up, let’s start with today. Today I have to get through work so I can see the love of my life in hospital. She’s in hospital because she is 21 weeks pregnant and is currently on almost complete bed rest. She’s doing ok and is being well looked after by the nurses. I think at the end of next week could be when she gets out, unless things get worse. I might start posting here about the progress so people can know how things are going. I can also post some scan photos if anyone is interested. We are all doing well apart from that and are extremely happy.

Kathleen (love of my life) also very generously bought a ticket for me to see Lisa Gerrard tonight at the Play House. I am quite excited and really interested to hear what she does. For those that may not know who she is check out Lisa's Site
If you are familiar with the music from Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, she is the singer that does all the wailing, for lack of a better word.

Every time I see the trailer for 300 I think of NIN, in the car this morning I listened to track (7) from the The Fragile – Left which is the trailer music. I really want to go to the concert with some rocking people, I just don’t think I can get there. So I might just have to settle for Lisa. In a moment I am going to investigate to see if NIN will release the new album on SACD as I will get that. Downward Spiral on SACD is simply brilliant. I will just have to have my own private concert at home. The poor -poor neighbours.

Anyways, more later, there is plenty more I am sure.
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bunnitosbunnitos on April 5th, 2007 06:49 am (UTC)
Hehheh. I am pokey with the pokingness.

OMG! Wow! Ummm... Wow! Yay! Congratulations and stuff! =)
OOh! I'm going to Lisa Gerrard too. If you're up for meeting early we'll be at the Greystone bar across from the Imax Theatre at Southbank from 6:30pm. =) My mobile is 0423 155 705

NiN! Wheee! =)

*hugs* for you and Kathleen.